João Mendes

He graduated in Advertising, but undertaking in the digital world is what he knows best.

It is not for nothing that he became the entrepreneur with the greatest digital reach in the world.

Known as the entrepreneur of the stars, in his portfolio there were names like Whinderson Nunes, Carlinhos Maia, Lucas Neto, Gkay, Tirulipa, among other names that together add up to more than 200 million followers .

Tiago Noel

Advertiser, entrepreneur and investor.

Graduated and post graduated in some of the best universities in the world: USP, FGV and MIT.

Built an executive career in multinationals, but left the corporate world to undertake and is currently a partner-investor in 16 companies of the segments marketing, education, culture, finance and entertainment.

Transforming business is your passion.

Danilo Dantas

Communicator, specialized in Marketing and Advertising, with more than 16 years of experience in the area, he is CEO of Inova, Founder of Comet Brazil, Founder of Monkey Lab and ONEPED.

He worked in several of the largest agencies in Brazil, being considered by most of the media as one of the most creative minds in the digital market. He has accumulated several established projects and more than 200 companies on his mentoring list.


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